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About Astrosophy
by David Tresemer

In ancient times wise observers of the heavens distinguished twelve main qualities in the path used by the Sun and planets. They felt these areas to be alive, centers of particular kinds of consciousness that were showered upon the earth. In each area they perceived thirty additional qualitative differences. 12 x 30 = 360. This was the origin of the 360-degree circle used in geometry and the clockface that has twelve hours in it. This system was laid out in the 6th century BC, by what I call the School of Zarathustra.

I have been working with this for many years, part of the StarFire Research Group, whose outlet of expression is the Journal for Star Wisdom.

The word “star” in ancient Greek has a few forms, aster, astro, or astra, from the Proto-Indo European root *ster. The word astronomy links astro – star – with nomos – naming of the patterns, division of the observed heavens. The word astrology links astro – star – with logos – science or theory or speaking. The word astrosophy, coined by Rudolf Steiner and passed on by Elizabeth Vreede and Willi Sucher, links astro – star – with Sophia, the divine feminine principle of wisdom. The whole heavens can be felt as the body of Sophia, most closely experienced in all the matter existing on earth. “Philosophy” is the love (philia) of wisdom (Sophia).

We can further explain these three relationships with the stars as follows:

·       Astronomy – the naming and describing of the bodies of the heavens, as well as explaining their origins and evolution, in other words, the phenomena.

·       Astrology – the study of interrelationships between stars, wandering stars (the meaning of the Greek word planets), sun, moon, earth, and human beings. People often seek astrologers concerning specific questions about one’s life – what we speak about in the introductory video as “burning questions” – about relationship, place to live, etc. Astrology has to do with the meaning of one’s life within the context of this life.

·       Astrosophy – taking the discipline of astrology deeper into the life of the soul of the human being, relating the body of Sophia – living divine wisdom – to the largest questions about an individual life, in a series of many lives and many opportunities to grow and prosper. Astrosophy has to do with meaning within the context of the soul’s journey through much larger spans of time and space, thus relation to destiny

Rudolf Steiner gave a verse that summarized – and exaggerated – something about our relationship with the stars at this point in human evolution.

The stars once spoke to humanity.
It is world destiny that they are silent now.
To be aware of that silence
Can bring pain to earthly humanity.
But in the deepening silence
There grows and ripens
What humanity speaks to the stars.
To be aware of that speaking
Can bring strength to spirit humanity.

The exaggeration is in the silence of the stars. Relative to the past of humanity – where gods, goddesses, and stars freely communicated to humanity, as one can find in the Odyssey, for example – the stars are much quieter. The verse challenges human beings to come to know the stars, and to converse. Not just receive direction or hints, but to relate actively, and to sing the experience of human beings to the stars.

Our approach involves three pillars of study and meditation, which are described in the introduction to the StarFire Research Group.

Foundations for our approach.

Here are some further references for the interested researcher:

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·       Annual publication: The Journal for Star Wisdom (from Steinerbooks.org). This gives the latest in research from this group of researchers.