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The Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012
A Rare Celestial Event: Going to the Heart of Technology
By: David Tresemer
Book (Paperback) 172 pages

The hyperbole and inflated attention given to the supposed "end of the world" on December 21, 2012, has obscured an actual rare celestial event happening in June of 2012—the passage of Venus before the face of the Sun as seen from the Earth, which happens every 125 years. Although Venus is much smaller than the Sun, Tresemer calls this an eclipse because of the ways he expects it to affect world events. What impact will it have?

David Tresemer considers the dynamics of Sun, Earth, Venus, and the exact location in the heavens of this eclipse event, weaving a dramatic story about the heart of technology, its uses for good or for ill, and the direction in which to find one’s power in "hands of the heart" actions based on warm feeling toward another.

Find out about the nature of "erotic phantasms" and how to work constructively with them and who will support us through these times.

Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner
A Life Seen Through the Oracle of the Solar Cross
By: David Tresemer (with Robert Schiappacasse)

376 pages, paperback

A gift was given you at your first breath—have you opened it? It came from the stars and impressed itself into you at your most vulnerable moment. In this introduction to Astrosophy, or star wisdom, a science with ancient roots and modern relevance, David Tresemer shows how the patterns written in the heavens influence a person’s life. Taking as an example the remarkable life of Rudolf Steiner, Tresemer demonstrates the Oracle of the Solar Cross, whose four points interact throughout each of our lives to shape opportunities and challenges that our souls must face.

Rudolf Steiner spoke often of the “starry script” and hinted that, whereas its patterns impress themselves upon the human psyche, we can also influence this heavenly text, altering it in service of the continued development of humanity. Through stories from the life and examples from the work of Steiner as well as the Star Brothers and Sisters who share aspects of his Solar Cross, Tresemer illuminates this truth.

Rich in art and anecdote, this groundbreaking book gives insight into the foundations of anthroposophy and shows how great acts, feelings, and thoughts by human beings on Earth shine out and impress their patterns into the cosmos.

Signs In the Heavens
A Message For Our Time
By: StarFire Three: William Bento, Ph.D., Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer, Ph.D.
223 pages, paperback

In 1996 an unexpected comet streamed through the heavens. Named Hyakutake, it was at times the brightest object in the sky. In 1997, the comet Hale-Bopp flew through the sky at right angles to the trajectory of Hyakutake. Their paths formed a perfect cross. The comets passed the intersection point of the cross on exactly the same day, April 11, one year apart, an amazing “coincidence.” This intersection point lay atop the star Algol, the Eye of Medusa, known since ancient times as the most violent and unlucky star in all the heavens. What are the comets trying to tell us? Combining astronomy, astrosophy, psychology, philosophy, mythology, drama and an understanding of the timing of the healing miracles of Jesus the Christ, the three members of StarFire Three lead us to an awareness of the comets’ urgent message for our time.

War in Heaven
Accessing Myth Through Drama
By: David Tresemer, Ph.D., illustrations by Laura Marshall
208 pages, paperback

This book is a description of, and theatrical guide to, the production of a mythical story that contains coded messages important to our time, the first labor of Herakles confronting the tasks given him by the beings of the zodiac, this one, Aries. As such, it concerns itself not only with the practical aspects of planning and carrying out the production, but with the philosophical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of mythological theatre.

Wolfram's Grail Astronomy
Wolframs Grail Astronomy
By: translated by Robert J. Kelder
Kelder has deciphered the hints in Wolfram Eschenbach's thirteenth-century text on "Parsifal and the Grail" and its references to astronomy and astrology. $13