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How to Celebrate Your Birthday












At your first breath, something wonderful came to you – a gift. Do you know what it is? It can take a whole lifetime to understand the gift that streamed through at your birth.

Directions for Celebrating your Birthday

On your birthday, make time around noon, even if you have a party or a gathering later on. At noon or when the Sun stands directly overhead, stand upon the earth, with Sun above and Earth below, feeling the pulls of those celestial bodies. The Earth pulls you into it with the love of gravity. The Sun pulls you upright into the heavens. Take several deep breaths here, to become present and really aware of each of your senses.

Face the South (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere ~ if so, then face North). Raise your right and left arms; your arms will point to the East and West, where the Sun rises and sets, the very active horizons, over which something new arises and sets every minute of the day. You create a cross form, known for many centuries to align with the forces of life.  

On this day, YOUR Birthday, the Sun lies in front of the same stars – the same heavenly gate – as when you were born, so you can ask a question of the living presence that lies there. You can speak, aloud or within, "The Sun returns to its position at my birth. What inspiration can you give me to remind me of the destiny that I chose all those years ago?" or simply "Why am I here on Earth?"

You breathe, and you receive. You notice any impressions that have come. The angels or the Spirit of Nature or the great beings of the planets may not likely speak in clear English words with good grammar—though that has happened on occasion. Your job is to notice what you feel right then, what you feel inside and what you perceive with your senses. Reflect on that meeting with your destiny, and go to sleep with the feeling in your mind. The harvest of the fruits of this encounter may occur immediately, or may occur after a good night's rest.

This wonderful opportunity is available each year, and requires no fancy equipment, just your presence and awareness. You may like, however, to increase your understanding of your precious birth, through The Oracle of the Solar Cross or a Personal Reading. Blessings upon your Birth!