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Our Friends


Our friends who do important work deep in the forests of South America: http://www.pachamama.org

Central source for Willi Sucher’s work: astrosophycenter.com 

Brian Keats’ main website for his work on the weather: astro-calendar.com


Our temple, The StarHouse ~ www.TheStarHouse.org

Our favorite project in one of the most challenging locations on earth, the Cradle of Civilization ~ www.TheWomenOfVision.com

Training in how to become a ceremonialist yourself, a three-year training, with occasional single weekend workshops: www.PathOfTheCeremonialArts.org

A good place to find a ceremonialist for a wedding ceremony: http://www.ceremoniesforsacredliving.com

Star wisdom friends, Robert Powell: http://www.SophiaFoundation.org