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Our Unique Approach

StarWisdom.org begins with the premise that the heavens are living ~ that the Stars above and the Space surrounding are actually alive with consciousness with which we can relate… This is not a 'religious' or dogmatic stance; we seek these primal forces of creation behind the many cultural filters or lenses. At source, all that 'labeling' drops away.

We use the Sidereal Zodiac meaning star-oriented (from the Latin sidus). This agrees with astronomy; that which you can see with your own eyes in the heavens, and is different from the widespread Tropical system, which is a seasonal calendar. Read more about the difference between these two in The Sidereal Zodiac.

We work in the stream of Astrosophy – from astro – star – sophia – wisdom. This emphasizes the deeper aspects of your life, your soul work beneath the pressures of your everyday life. This is an emphasis upon Star "Listening" rather than Star "Naming" . It requests your active participation in relationship ~ a living relationship with the Stars and Heavens.

We offer the Oracle of the Solar Cross  a completely new tool for understanding your birth moment, offering unique insight into your life's purpose. And we have fine Readers in Star Wisdom  who can assist you to find your way in relation to the heavens. We work in the stream of Astrosophy – from astro – star – sophia – wisdom.

We offer many other resources to help you find your place in the world – between heaven and the earth.