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Sally Nurney Readings

(To read Sally's Biography, click here.)

Sally experiences the Stars as living beings, with unique gifts and purpose. These "Star Beings" offer us support in each moment and yearn for deeper connection with each of us. She uses the Sidereal / Star Wisdom zodiac which explores the earth's relationship with the stars. This is a different perspective than our traditional/tropical zodiac, which expresses a relationship between the earth and the sun. You can read an article by Sally to learn more about the Sidereal / Star Wisdom zodiac.



Sally can provide you:

* A Birth (Natal) Chart Reading ~ discover your opportunities and challenges of this life, along with current events (transits) and another other questions you bring.Click to Order

A Birth Chart Reading with Sally Nurney offers:

* "translation" of your starry script into wisdom to use in your life
* insight into your soul's purpose, gifts, and ‘edges'
* affirmation of who you are and who you are not, guiding you to that which nourishes you
* unveiling that which you have to offer to the world that no one else can
* connection to the spiritual beings that influence your gifts and challenges
* practical guidance for accessing the opportunities and challenges of the next year.  


  * A Personal Reading in the Oracle of the Solar Cross.  Assisted by a Sally, you will find the more subtle aspects of this amazing life tool.  Additionally, you will hear about your Star Sisters and Star Brothers, which are NOT included in the 2 CD set. Sally brings her ability to weave your life and these images together to offer you insights into your path. Click to Order

  * A Personal Reading for Tea with Your Mentor.  Sally would be delighted to help you deepen into the newest of David Tresemer's astrological insights, particularly around the assistance available to each of us, according to our birth. Click to Order

 * Sidereal Insights with Sally. Sally faithfully wrote the Sidereal Insights for many years, and is excited to begin again in 2012!  You can explore these New and Full Moon concise and colorful Star Musings at her blog: the Sidereal Say So with Sally. Sign up for your own subscription!
Click to Order.

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Client Testimonials:

"Sally's reading showed me both where my challenges are and what I've got to work with. It was so affirming to hear her describe what I've been experiencing. She put words to what I felt and made it real. The reading deepened my sense of connection to the stars, and my sense of myself as a being on a spiritual journey. " -D.B.



IMPORTANT – WHAT WE CAN AND CAN’T DO – All consultations are given in the spirit of adult education. There is no intention to offer psychotherapy in this format. Counseling may be given in the form of coaching and mentoring, but the essential aim is to augment your learning process about the mysteries of life within your biography. Through objective references to the stars under which one was conceived and born, and in following the movement of the planets throughout life, it is possible to shed invaluable insight into the meaningfulness of one’s life experiences. It is also a tremendous resource for developing perspectives about the realm of possibilities streaming toward one. Hence the consultations aim to serve the spiritual education of the individual, while leaving the person free to discern the relevancy of the session and the actions that may flow from it.