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Sally Nurney has been interested in astrology all her life. Along with her study in the "Path of the Ceremonial Arts", tarot readings and instruction, she has deepened her direct understanding of the stars through research with David Tresemer at The StarHouse, study with Brian Gray at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks California, and the process of writing bimonthly meditations from 2002 – 2007, for the new and full moons. These "Sidereal Insights" begin again this year.  You can sign up to recieve them in your inbox here.

Sally uses the wisdom acquired from earth and sky to mentor women in the "Path of the Ceremonial Arts" training program at The StarHouse; helping women to create & strengthen their connection to the unseen realms that they might be who they came here to be! She also works with girls and young women, to help them maintain their magical connection to life.

Sally earned her BFA in painting, which she sought as training in self-expression. She dreams that people everywhere find the courage to unveil their True Selves and live in their divinity, as they define it. She seeksopportunities to serve this wherever they arise, resulting in readings,classes, mentorships and spontaneous ritual and play!

Sally values the stars’ connection with humanity, and sees the birth chart as a window into the soul’s intentions & yearnings, lifetime to lifetime. Through your star-map, you will connect to your Big Picture in a practical and grounded way, accessing the assistance that is your birthright. She currently lives in the Rocky Mountain foothills with her super hero husband, artist and sacred geometer, Jerry Gehringer.

Self Acceptance

You can visit Sally's blog "Sidereal Say So with Sally" here or you can subscribe to Sally's Sidereal Insights.