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Solar Cross FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about The Oracle of the Solar Cross

• What is the origin of these Images? Click here

• Can I read an example of an Oracle of the Solar Cross? Click here

• Do you have any Testimonials? Click here

• How can I experience the Oracle of the Solar Cross without buying anything? Click here

• Why is the Oracle of the Solar Cross read aloud rather than written? (answer below)

David Tresemer has chosen the mode of reading an Image because it elicits the listener’s imaginative mind more effectively. When you hear an Image, and its Commentary, you open to the Sun’s gift from the stars in the same way that humans have heard stories around the campfire for ages. Dr. Tresemer has found over and over again that the Solar Cross Images have a deep connection with the drive and coloring of your whole life, and are meant to be savored. Some of the Images are challenging, some completely sweet. Hearing is a more intimate way of experiencing something, rather than scanning with one’s eyes. As soon as you’ve heard something, it begins to transform in your awareness. All these are reasons for using audio for the method of delivery of the Solar Cross materials.