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Solar Cross Origins

What is the origin of these "Images" or "Imaginations" ?

 To tell the story briefly, between the years 1820 and 1824, a German nun named Anne Catherine Emmerich experienced clairvoyant visions of the daily activities, thoughts, and feelings of the great teacher Christ Jesus, as well as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, and many others. Her very specific descriptions were written down by an author, Clemens Brentano, eventually translated into English in four volumes.

In 1996 Robert Powell, Ph.D., mathematician, astrologer and astrosopher, applying his knowledge of the festival calendar in use two thousand years ago, dated the references in these four volumes of Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions. Combining the events that occurred at the same degree in different years, with prodigious historical and geographic research on the details of these events, and intimate meditation, Dr. Tresemer was able to discover word Images that related to each of the 360 gates in the heavens. These teachings held in the stars are appropriate for Christians and non-Christians alike, as the Images have been crafted with language that peels back the cultural Christian context to reveal the wisdom beneath. (See below for an additional note to non-Christians.)

The key is the connection of the activities of Jesus Christ with the dynamics of the heavens, given here by the extraordinary Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925):

“In Palestine during the time that Jesus of Nazareth walked on Earth as Christ Jesus – during the three years of his life, from his thirtieth to his thirty-third year – the entire being of the Cosmic Christ was acting uninterruptedly upon him, and was working into him. The Christ stood always under the influence of the entire cosmos; he made no step without this working of the cosmic forces into and in him. … It was always in accordance with the collective being of the whole universe with whom the Earth is in harmony, that all which Christ Jesus did took place.”


In Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Tresemer goes much more deeply into the roots of this lineage, including discussions of Emmerich, Powell, and Rudolf Steiner, all part of this great gift.

With each degree, Dr. Tresemer gives commentaries on the words of the Image, as well as background of the Image. Also with each degree, Dr. Tresemer gives the occasional important association with major stars in the heavens, and occasionally relates to the star brothers and star sisters of that degree, that is, others who were born through that gate in the heavens, in order to compare one’s own life with others who have had this influence.

See much greater detail about the Origins of the Images of the Oracle of the Solar Cross.

A Cautionary Note for Christians and Un-Christians

In my work at the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, I have dealt with many different faiths and have found it important to create bridges. I work often with people who have been hurt by Christianity and want very little to do with it.  For some, it was the Crusades killing Jews, gypsies, and Muslims in their escapades into the Middle East, for some the Inquisition destroying the Cathars, for some a graphic memory of burning at the stake, for some a nun at a Catholic school rapping their knuckles with a ruler – whatever the cause, they’ve had enough. I understand and follow the work of the atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, also the movie (and movement) Zeitgeist, and other aspects of the atheist movement – to learn from their observations of the world. They have identified very well the excesses and mistakes of organized religions.

I have also worked with those who think they know everything about Christianity, and they are frankly more challenging.  One person, questioning the analysis of a Greek word, said, holding a Bible in his hands, “If English was good enough for Jesus, then it’s good enough for me.”  At those times patience is needed.  These sacred documents were not written in English, but come to us from metaphoric languages where each word has to be wrestled with.  Wrestled?  Even the word Israel, which an angel gave to Jacob, means “The one who wrestles with Divinity.”  In other cultures, whole schools have arisen where people learn to wrestle with the Divinity in words.  Let’s not forget that in this process of the Solar Crosses.  Thus we wrestle with Divinity and acknowledge the continuity of divine revelation from many sources.  Every tradition, religion, and system has something to offer.

                Doctrinal arguments do not interest me, who’s right and who’s wrong, and what terrible deed was done in the name of a particular religion.  One’s relationship to the stars stands taller than this. The cruel misdeeds of the few should not veil the beauty of a particular tradition or knowledge.  I have made every attempt to put this material in terms that are universal and thus accessible for everyone. 

         I see around me the fruits of creative power far beyond my comprehension. I sympathize with the agnostics who claim you can’t know divinity – indeed, the Alice Bailey theosophists were introduced to a supreme divinity whose name is “The One About Whom Naught May Be Said”! I have little sympathy for many atheists who claim that all of life, indeed all of creation, is the mechanical unfolding of immutable laws of physics, and that modern science will master it all. I understand their frustrations with the crazy things that religionists do, but I don’t agree with their arrogant confidence that they know it all, or soon will.