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Tea With Your Mentor
Tea with Your Mentor is Back into the Laboratory!
The Tea with Your Mentor program has gone back to the research laboratory for improvements.

Please begin your self-exploration with an Oracle of the Solar Cross either through the CD's available on this site, or through a reading with a Reader in StarWisdom.

You can also see the progress of this research in the Research Section, "The Importance of the So-Called Dead."

Tea With Mentor 1st Contact
Personalized .PDF file will be emailed to you
1st Contact: Introductory Conversation
Discover a mentor to whom you are connected because you share a star-date. We would like to give you the most precise connections with those on the other side of the threshold. We give you the theme of the degree, developed through the research that created the Oracle of the Solar Cross, presented here in a briefer form. Your mentor can assist you. We will show you how, through a step-by-step process described in the First Contact PDF. This PDF is personalized to your Birth Information, and as such takes several days to a week to prepare. Once compete, we deliver it to the email address you provide.
Tea With Mentor 2nd Contact
2nd Contact: Meeting the Challenge
After you have built up your conversational skills in First Contact, you’re ready to learn about a mentor that is more challenging, someone who may have acted as an obstacle rather than a help. We have found their imprints repeatedly in clients, so recommend that you deal with these influences with pro-active strength. First you build your skills of contact in First Contact. After some time (at least a month of "real" work with your First Contact), you can order Second Contact. Also in Second Contact, we give some guidance about the zodiacal sign in which you were born, and how to work with that opportunity.
Tea With Mentor 3rd Contact
3rd Contact: Touching the Stars
After you’ve practiced your skills in communication, we can tell you about a particularly spiritual or holy person who can assist you in the more enigmatic aspects of your life. In Level Three, we also acquaint you with the actual stars that live beyond the Sun at its location where you were born.
Coaching Session for Tea with your Mentor
When you feel you would like a helping hand to penetrate into this work, consider a coaching session with one of our readers. Click here to order a Coaching Session for Tea with your Mentor