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Tea With Your Mentor






The Tea with Your Mentor program has gone back to the research laboratory for improvements.

Please begin your self-exploration with an Oracle of the Solar Cross either through the CD's available on this site, or through a reading with a Reader in StarWisdom.

You can also see the progress of this research in the Research Section, "The Importance of the So-Called Dead."

Who is a mentor? Someone older, more experienced, someone who knows you personally, and is interested in your life – someone who is warmly interested in the details of your life! Someone who says, “How can I help?,” and then gives you great advice. While this is usually someone alive, in our program it’s someone who has passed on beyond the threshold of death, and yet is personally connected to you.

We have a mentor  connected to you through the stars at the mentor’s death and your birth. We would like to introduce you to a mentor that is connected to you personally because he or she died on the exact star-date of your birth. Something of his or her essence remains in that place where you passed by on your way into this world.

A star-date is not a calendar-date. A star-date is when the Sun lies in front of the same place in the heavens – your birth, and your potential mentor’s prior death. That location slowly shifts in relation to the calendar – one degree every 72 years. As some of your mentors might come from a hundred years ago or more, we need to keep track of this in order to introduce you to the right personality. (For more on stardates vs. calendar dates, you can go here.

When taking your first breath, you took in an impression from several powerful personalities.

We would like to introduce you to one of them, and then another… and so on.

Introduce Me to My Mentor