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"Even though I'm not a Christian in the traditional sense, the Solar Cross experience found and opened an unexpected passage to the Christ Consciousness, allowing access to his vision, mission, and loving presence - without the middleman of organized religion. By hearing the recounting of certain events of His life and feeling the uncanny counterpoints in my own, I was moved and challenged, comforted and inspired in ways which continue to resonate in my life. I look back and forward to this as an ongoing initiation for which I'm truly grateful." 
John G., Santa Barbara, CA

"The Solar Cross reading was very powerful for me, and I feel it is truly significant to my life. I shared the Images with my twin brother - and it was also very profound for him. I feel these Images are accompanying me throughout different situations, I feel it describes my spiritual development from the first Image - that relates more to childhood, till the last Image which leads me to a late phase in my life - which will come I hope, and now I have a way to handle it with wisdom. The other two Images are more related to the spiritual way itself.... in the emotional level (which always embraces within the danger of falling), and in the mental level (patterns I hold which draw my way of development), and the last Image, as I said, relates to late adulthood - and fulfillment. You gave me a gift, I appreciate it, and I am truly thankful for that."
Ilaniya K., Jerusalem

"My experience with the images is learning more about very delicate parts in my personality, it is more about ideals and principles, or a sense of what I believe is right and correct. I was dealing with a young man here in Taos for a few days, we did not get along very well, we were arguing - more correctly I was giving him a hard time. Yesterday we had a long talk, which upset me, and made me think about the situation at night, in the morning, and mostly all of the time. This morning I decided to write in my diary, and then I remembered - and it hit me from my second Image: Mothers going to the streets seeking forgiveness and blessings for their children. I realized that even though I was not actively working with the Image, this idea, this thought, feeling or I don't know exactly how to put words to it, is a big part of the problem I was facing with this man. He has rules for life, very strict rules, a place where I tend to fall to very often, and then there is the more "female" part in me seeking forgiveness, light, and non-judgment. The Image explained a great deal about it. I am still working on the second Image. I will start with the third Image soon." 
Mona H., Israel

"One of the things I liked best about my Solar Cross experience was "watching" my Ego/mind turn the images this way and that, trying to interpret their meaning. My first response to the GATE IMAGE was an "auto-response" which revealed how I automatically respond to similar words and images. Then I let the images sink in deeper. To my surprise, I found great enjoyment in simply turning these images over and over in my mind, to see what parts of my belief system would get "hooked." My evolving response to the images enabled me to steadily peel away the layers of preconditioned mindset until I discovered higher/deeper meanings. There was such pleasure in this that it took me almost a week before I turned on the CD again and listened to your commentary on that particular image. This listening process lasted for several weeks. In a sense, it is like a self-guided, self-discovery seminar on CD. Your commentary provided the keys that I had overlooked, and in the end, everything fit perfectly. Thanks for the experience, and one-on-one access to your brilliant mind!"

Alexia Parks, Boulder, Colorado

"I have received my solar cross. I sat down to listen to tape 2 where you give the imaginations. I was rapidly transported to a deep dimension of consciousness. I literally felt the shift physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am at a loss to describe how or why but have not the time to go into it here and now. I will listen to the tape 1. I will also listen to tape 2 again. I am leaving the country for a bit but wanted to give my brief response before leaving. I am grateful to you for the gift. It fits in with the work I will be bringing to the conference."

Claudia M., Boulder CO

"I have followed dreams, and worked with mythology and theater for several decades. For me, the solar cross was some combination of a personal dream with transpersonal and mythic overtones. I was able to extract aspects and images which nourished and reflected my soul. There has been one quality about my life that I’ve recognized since I was a teenager: “I want to understand time and time travel”- -and there it was, that image, in the gate of my cross. In David’s commentaries, I was able to clarify some of the wisdom of this image as a step in the solar path of initiation. It was a very inspiring reading."

L.T., Chicago

"Writing to you with my experience of my Solar Cross reading. It has taken awhile to breathe in the gift of your creation, but this morning was the ripe moment. I am profoundly moved by the depth of this work, your commitment to bringing this forth into the world and to being a recipient of your wisdom. There is so much to digest that I intend to work with the material for some time. It feels particularly auspicious to meditate with these images over Easter week, as my first image was connected with the events preceding the crucifixion. I deeply honor your dedication to bringing these insights from the starry realms into earthly life. I open myself to the wisdom that is offered so that the veils will lift supporting the continual process of awakening."

K. R., Boulder, CO

"I have listened to my Solar Cross images several times now. The truth of how the energy (images) live through me are unveiling themselves...it seems each time I listen I gain a new insight/connection /relationship...leading to a deeper inquiry and acknowledgement of things known and newly revealed. Thank you...for this."

J. M. - New York City

"I had no idea what to expect from this but WOW! In listening to the images and stories I felt a sense of the familiar, "ah, yes." And from this familiar place, that I was now acutely focused on, I could link a greater vision of my life, dreams, visions, the actual path my life has taken, as well giving me a sense of continuity with the future I embark on each day, "ah-ha!" I am not done working with it yet. I've listened to it straight through twice. Overwhelming by the time I get to the end. Now I need to listen to its four parts separately."

Kate C., Meriden, CT

"I had listened to the first tracks of Disc One as soon as it arrived and some of the tracks of Disc Two, but only in a kind of relaxed state. But it is only today that I found the good conditions to let it go deeper. I chose to do a meditation beforehand with my Amerindian drum I love. I did an improvisation with my voice on different kinds of beat and after that I just stayed in silence. And then I heard my Gate Image. This woman at the well is me! Even the dress is close to what I wear in our latest show "Le Moyen-Age des Lumières". I felt totally identified with what I am trying to do with my music and deeper, with my life. It is what I am trying to incarnate in my music and to share with the andience. I must say that what is the most touching is on a feeling level: the strength of the image, and the strenghth it transmits directly to me.
But as you say: don't stop there..."

C.B., Paris