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From a client, Wendy W.: "When you told me Nietzsche, I nearly fainted. I have known about him for many years, and had a secret fear that I would go crazy like he did. I sometimes looked in a mirror and saw Nietzsche. You confirmed my connection. Thank you. And thank you for giving me suggestions on how to stop this slide down a slippery slope toward what happened to him."

(Comment: Nietzsche had many fine traits as a philosopher and a writer; however, the last years of his life put him into Second Contact of the Mentor study, as a potentially negative influence. This woman was able to disentangle herself from Nietzsche's powerful energy at the time of his death.)

From a client, Gregg L: "The array of correspondences with the mentor, Gustave Courbet, were many. I've always felt such an affinity to France (I speak French, studied there, traveled a lot there), painting (made my living as painter for 8 years), the 'Paris of the artists', and the way in which Courbet led his iconoclastic life and his core belief structure around ‘belonging to no school, to no church, to no institution, to no academy....’Amen to that. Fascinating! I can feel the verity of it and am excited to delve deeper. I gauge all new teachings and ‘cosmic visionaries’ by experiential knowing in my being, at this point in my life. I'm enthralled and convinced."

From a client, Donna G."Thank you for connecting me with my mentor, George Sarton. I had never heard of him. And I never would have expected to have a relationship with an academic historian. He is (or was) so unlike me. And how perfect for what I need right now! A sense for organization, for perseverance, for seeing the bigger picture across time and cultures. I have started a conversation with him, and so far he has been very helpful. I will let you know what happens next."