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What can your Solar Cross do for you?

Beneficial Elements of working with your Oracle of the Solar Cross:

* Both the CD’s & Personal Readings introduce you to the stars at your birth, not just the planets, especially the stars and imagination that were amplified by the Sun at your first breath.         
Both the CD’s & Personal Readings introduce you to what themes pulsed through your being from the Sun, and directly opposite – from the Earth – as well as from the locations rising in the East and setting in the West – the four arms of the Solar Cross.  solar cross

* Both the CD’s & Personal Readings develop a context for working with these life-long influences.
* Personal Readings offer a dialogue with a live human being; their insights into this tool will guide you more deeply into the personal and relevant aspects of this work.
* Personal Readings additionally introduce you to those historical persons who share your Solar Cross images, who are your older brothers and sisters in the stars. Some among these can be ‘mentors’ upon whom you can call for assistance. 

To explore your own Oracle of the Solar Cross...

you can begin with either a 2 CD set with accompanying booklet or schedule a personal Solar Cross Reading by telephone with a live human being!

·       The 2 CD set includes all four spoken word Images (from Sun, Earth, East, and West, as shown in the diagram above), along with extensive commentaries on the images to assist your understanding.

·       Personal Solar Cross Readings involve you speaking with someone trained in this system by telephone. This person will help you unfold the subtleties of this Oracle. Personal Readings are approximately one hour in length and generally take one image at a time, include commentaries, and a few extra features not on the CD’s.

You can start either way. Many people have found it helpful to begin with the CD’s and then schedule a reading for a deeper inquiry.