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William Bento Readings

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To our Star Wisdom friends:  It is with great sadness that we tell you that William Bento, Ph.D., one of our major Readers, crossed the threshold on June 5, 2015, just before his 64th birthday. He had created many different relationships with many clients as a psychologist, a mentor, and one who consulted the workings of the heavens (astrosophy—astro, star—Sophia, wisdom).  He nurtured the development of psychology at Rudolf Steiner College, where he worked for several years. He wrote Lifting the Veil of Mental Illness, contributed to Signs in the Heavens: A Message for Our Time, contributed to The Counselor…As If Soul and Spirit Matter. Every year, many would await his Holy Nights Journal that tracked those important nights between December 24 and January 7, helping many find insights into the year past and the year to come.  His final achievement was the establishment of APANA (Anthroposophic Psychology Associates of North America), for which he gathered an excellent faculty who will continue to offer this program in the United States.


William Bento Ph.D., explores and reads one's biography and burning questions from a threefold approach based on the insights of Spiritual Science (Rudolf Steiner's life work, Anthroposophy).
His readings are based on three charts that reveal the wisdom of the body, soul and spirit. In the body lies our disposition towards life experiences, that is personality. In the soul, the pre-earthly intentions unfolding as moments of karma and destiny within our lives. In the spirit is the individual's relationship to the cosmos, world history and one's specific mission for this present life time.
William is an astrosopher to many people throughout the world. The most common response to his readings is, "I am amazed at the accuracy and the depth of guidance I have experienced in this reading." It is not unusual for William to receive phone calls, sometimes years later, acclaiming the value of the insights given for a particular time of passage in a person's life.
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* A Birth (Natal) Chart Reading ($150) A one hour focus consultation with William Bento Ph.D. focused on specific interests, questions and concerns. In this session William draws upon the conception chart, birth chart, progressions and transits to shed light on the topics of interest or set of concerns. Click to Order

* A Basic Life Study Consulation ($275) with William Bento Ph.D., provides an overview of the deeper aspects of an individual’s karma and destiny potentials as portrayed in the conception chart, birth chart, progressions and transits. This service entails an exploration of biographical turning points, suggested meditative practices and practical ways to realize one’s potential. Three charts & a CD are given. Click to Order

* A Comprehensive Life Study ($400) with William Bento Ph.D., provides all the elements of the basic life study along with a more extensive explication of the esoteric dimensions found within the charts, such as historical events and personalities one may be related to and a deeper perspective on how to utilize star wisdom in a personal way.
This process takes approximately three hours of your time, for which Dr. Bento will prepare many views of your life, its challenges, and opportunities.
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Client Testimonials:

"William Bento has the rare capacity to apply star wisdom to everyday affairs in everyday lives. Through his life trials he has developed the forces of the heart. It is the heart knowing that transforms the language of the stars into the language of the soul. William has a firm grasp of the work of Rudolf Steiner and a clear-sighted understanding of archetypes resulting in a penetrating wisdom into psychological phenomenon. He is gifted in his ability to lift our biographical struggles out of chaos into illuminating intentionality. William Bento is a significant thinker who stands courageously between the shackles of the past and the illuminations coming out of the future. He is ever ready to rethink and explore new thoughts; these are the attributes of a leader and such creative elan is sadly lacking in our time. It is a privilege to be a beneficiary of William’s work."    
-Claudia McLaren Lainson


IMPORTANT – WHAT WE CAN AND CAN’T DO – All consultations are given in the spirit of adult education. There is no intention to offer psychotherapy in this format. Counseling may be given in the form of coaching and mentoring, but the essential aim is to augment your learning process about the mysteries of life within your biography. Through objective references to the stars under which one was conceived and born, and in following the movement of the planets throughout life, it is possible to shed invaluable insight into the meaningfulness of one’s life experiences. It is also a tremendous resource for developing perspectives about the realm of possibilities streaming toward one. Hence the consultations aim to serve the spiritual education of the individual, while leaving the person free to discern the relevancy of the session and the actions that may flow from it.