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Your Solar Cross

The Oracle of the Solar Cross was begun by David Tresemer Ph.D. over ten years ago, with ongoing research continuing to the present. As one of the most important fruits of StarWisdom.org’s research, The Oracle of the Solar Cross is a unique and individualized reading that can be of great help in understanding one’s life purpose and the patterns that emerge in a life.

The Oracle of the Solar Cross consists entirely of spoken images or “imaginations” – 360 of them, matching the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Through David Tresemer’s research and meditation, he revealed a central imagination for each degree; in essence the wisdom, challenge and power held at that place in the zodiac. We consider each of these 360 degrees of the Zodiac a “gate.” According to our cosmology, each individual consciousness enters through a gate at the first breath of the body; the gate that is opened by the Sun at the time of birth. At the moment of birth, the individual receives a deep impression of what is held in that gate.

Over time it became clear to Dr. Tresemer that not only is the gate before which the Sun stood at one’s birth important, but so too the place opposite (180 degrees away) and those gates “square” to the Sun’s position (90 degrees away to each side). Four images forming an equal armed cross as in the figure shown here.

For more details on the fascinating creation story of The Oracle of the Solar Cross, including wonderful insights for ‘non-Christians’, please visit our page, Origins of the Solar Cross.

How powerful would it be to know which gate YOU arrived through? How useful might it be to be able to work actively with this knowledge? We believe extraordinarily so. See What Can It Do For Me

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When you are given your four imaginations that correspond to the moment of our birth either through the Oracle of the Solar Cross pre-recorded two-CD set or through a personal Solar Cross Reading, you receive four images to illuminate the pattern of your life’s work, held in the stars!

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