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September Update: a NEW article on Zodiacs and Calendars ~ read it HERE!

August Update: a NEW research article by David Tresemer: read it HERE.

**The Venus Transit/ Eclipse still resonates within each of us.  Read David Tresemer's new book to find out how to continue to participate with this rare celestial event!

Also here, you'll find free goodies, fun videos, Sally's Sidereal Say So blog and a whole new product, Tea with your Mentor.

And if you haven't gotten your Oracle of the Solar Cross yet ~ find out more HERE!

Please explore, visit the store, and share your feedback! Click Here to learn about the Sidereal Zodiac perspective that puts the Stars back into Astrology. 

 StarWisdom begins with the premise that the heavens are alive with consciousness. Real Relationship is the path, rather than simply reading coorespondances in a book or taking someone else's word for it! As such, we emphasize speaking directly with a warm human being to open up opportunities beyond those in our best recorded and written materials. We can help you strengthen your own direct connection to the stars with our many options here.

This site proposes to help you awaken and deepen into relationship with the many aspects of consciousness in the cosmos, to the benefit of your life here on earth as well as to the cosmos.

As one of our friends once said, "The Astronomers have the data; it is up to us to penetrate that data spiritually."

We invite you to join us in the hypothesis that all around our earth, interwoven into our cosmos, is consciousness – consciousness with whom we may choose to relate!

Feast on the offerings on the left-hand column and above to find out more about how this works for you. (If you’re looking for the short video about your birthday, click here.)